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American Survival Co. offers world-class wilderness and tactical survival training in Embden, Maine. Located in Central Maine, surrounded by the Kennebec River and the Carrabassett River. Here there is something for everyone, from primitive camping to a beautiful 5 bed, 2 bath, fully-equipped farm house available for clients to reserve. The property is surrounded by blueberry bushes, apple trees and breathtaking mountain views. There are an additional 63 acres of rolling terrain with wooded forests and easy access to the Carrabassett River.

Instructor: Joel Graves, Owner & Lead Instructor; Former EOD Naval Special Warfare, Competitor on Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Build-off  – learn more here



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August 11-12 - Embden, ME


You get lost on a hiking trail, turned around during a hunt, or stranded in a remote area. How do you survive? More than 2,000 people get lost in the woods each year and most survival scenarios like this are unplanned. You have your everyday carry bag, but do you have the right tools to survive? Can you meet your basic needs with the tools you have? EDC (Every Day Carry) Wilderness Survival trains you to be 10 steps ahead of meeting all your basic needs with a few, simple pieces of gear that are easy to carry. The focus is on modern survival skills, emphasizing basic skills, equipment, and preparedness with the expectation of rescue within 72 hours.

Utilizing everyday carry items you’ll learn to provide for your basic needs: shelter, water, fire and food. Invest in the most convenient way out of a bad situation and revel in the peace of mind of the ultimate back up plan.
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Create lasting memories with a camping adventure that will surely be the highlight of your year. Venture into the natural beauty of Maine, tucked away on American Survival Co.’s private training grounds with breathtaking Mountain Views and easy access to the Carrabassett River. Your exceptional guides will introduce your family to basic wilderness survival techniques including how to make fire from natural resources, procure water and food, and explore edible and medicinal plants. Participants of every age will have an opportunity to learn skills and knowledge on their level. We’ll spend time fishing in the Carrabasset River, exploring the wilderness, cooking over the camp fire and learning valuable skills that will give your family a new appreciation for nature, develop character and build self-reliance.
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Address: 852 New Portland Road, Embden, ME 04958


Augusta State Airport – 1 hr

Portland Regional Airport – 2 hrs


There is a bed and breakfast located on the property for students looking for full amenities. Everyone is invited to camp on the property during their training to get the full wilderness experience Maine has to offer.

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True North Adventureware is devoted to bringing our customers the best quality items to fit their adventure. Learn about our products and keep in touch with the new adventures that our customers have been on. Along with the extent knowledge of the products we sell here, we also supply maps in store to help customers find the trails and rivers that they are interested in. True North Adventureware is located in  Bethel, ME.

At True North you will be able to secure all the supplies you will need for our course in addition to quality clothing and gear to complete your weekend adventure.