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Tim Armstrong – Associate Instructor / Eat Your Yard Jax

Tim Armstrong - Associate Instructor Jacksonville & Owner of Eat Your Yard Jax

Tim Armstrong JacksonvilleTim Armstrong is owner of Eat Your Yard Jax, an edible plant nursery, aquaculture facility and education center on the West side of Jacksonville (and the location of our Jacksonville training). He has spent his lifetime exploring the woods and waterways of North Florida and South Georgia, has a keen respect for nature and loves to share that passion with others.  He also teaches and manages “Berry Good Farms” for North Florida School of Special Education.

He is a graduate of Will Allen’s Commercial Urban Agriculture program 2011 from “Growing Power”. He is a past recipient of Hands on Jacksonville’s “Hands on Earth Award”. His farm has been a training site for “Veterans Farm of Jacksonville” for the past three years. Eatyouryardjax has a YouTube” channel where Tim shares information on growing edible plants and you can take a virtual tour of the farm. You can follow the farm on Facebook where you can get up to date info on classes and festivals and sign up for our E-Newsletter at the website www.eatyouryardjax.com

Classes by Tim:

Backyard Aquaponics

In this class we guide you step by step to help you understand how to build and run an aquaculture system to raise fish and vegetables together. In this class we go into detail on the following:

  1. Planning your system – location, climate, light, how to size your system.
  2. Water – Source, Temperature, PH, Oxygen, Methods of moving water.
  3. Fish – How many, fish to plant ratio, what types for your system, sources, feeding, raising your own feed, harvesting.
  4. Plants – What grows best, how to start plants, spacing, and insect control.
  5. Bacteria and worms – What is Bioponic?, Why bacteria is your friend, Care and feeding of your bacteria, Using worms as your friends.
  6. System maintenance – Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance.

In this class we go over several systems on the farm. Also in the class we demonstrate several techniques to fabricate systems that you can do at home to get you growing fish and plants together in your own Aquaponics setup.

 Urban Agriculture

  1. It’s All About the SoilHow to build better soil, Composting, Holistic Teas, Vermiculture, Cover Crops and fertilizer plants, PH, Tilth, Biochar.
  2. What to plant – Proper plant timing, Perennial vegetables, Seed saving.
  3. Caring for your crop – Water, Fertilizers, Pest Control Crop rotation, Trap crops, Homemade sprays, Building immunity.
  4. What to do with your bounty – Drying, Freezing, Pickling, Enjoying seasonality, Teas.
  5. Beyond the veggies – Berry Bushes, Fruit Trees, Nut trees, Natives and Wild plants, Medicinal plants.
  6. Bringing it to the Next level – Permaculture ideas, Biodynamic ideas, Food forest ideas, Aquaculture/aquaponics, Hydroponics.
  7. How to be one with the fungi – Mushroom production, Log production, Soil inoculation, Bag production Chip production.



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