sling shot

Make a slingshot

Slingshot: Make and Learn To Shoot It

Make a slingshot with American Survival Co. and learn how to shoot it in this short class. We will use inexpensive, modern materials and common natural resources to construct a sling shot and learn proper shooting techniques in a half day class. These primitive weapons are often overlooked, but slingshots really offer great portability and a short learning curve. With practice, your accuracy can become deadly and make this method one of the easiest, short-term, food procurement options available.
Students will learn:
– How to create a quality sling shot
– Improvising slingshot ammo
– How ammo affects accuracy
– Understanding band sets
– Carrying your slingshot in your EDC
– Common Mistakes to avoid
– Improving accuracy

All of our classes are available for private training and group events. Visit our private training page here or for more information. Class terms and conditions here. All attendees must sign waiver and release of liability here.

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