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EDC Wilderness

EDC Wilderness Survival – AR

Pack the essential everyday carry bag and master each tool to meet all your basic needs.
Summary: You get lost on a hiking trail, turned around during a hunt, or stranded in a remote area, how do you survive? More than 2,000 people get lost in the woods each year and most survival scenarios. But you’ve got your everyday carry bag? Do you have the right tools to survive? Do you know how to use them to meet your basic needs?
EDC Wilderness Survival prepares you to be 10 steps ahead of meeting all your basic needs with a few, simple pieces of gear that are easy to carry and guaranteed to get the job done. The focus is on modern survival skills, emphasizing basic skills, equipment, and preparedness with the expectation of rescue within 72 hours. Utilizing everyday carry items you’ll learn to provide for your basic needs, shelter, water, fire and food. Invest in the most convenient way out of a bad situation and revel in the peace of mind of the ultimate back up plan.
Takeaway: Students will know how to utilize every day carry items to secure shelter, water, fire and food. They will leave with confidence in their ability to survive the unexpected

All of our classes are available for private training and group events. Visit our private training page here or for more information. Class terms and conditions here.

Plant walk florida and Arkansas

Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk – AR

Take a walk on the weedy and the wild side. Trek through the woods and around our base camps for approximately two hours, identifying edible and medicinal plants that are readily available in your area. Learn the benefits and modern uses for these plants, as well as how indigenous cultures used every day weeds as essential medicine and cooking ingredients. You will leave with a valuable knowledge of every day weeds that can be brought into your kitchens and medicine cabinets.

All of our classes are available for private training and group events. Visit our private training page here or for more information. Class terms and conditions here.

Core Wilderness Survival - Arkansas

Core Survival – AR

Discover the four basic necessities of survival: shelter, water, fire and food (plus bonus tips)

You’ve found yourself stranded in the wilderness, it happens to more than 2,000 people every year. Do you have the skills to survive? Core Wilderness Survival takes you through the four basic necessities: shelter, water, fire and food (plus a few bonus tips). Students will learn to build a primitive shelter, practicing insulation and waterproofing techniques; explore multiple fire methods, covering how to make fire at night and in different shelter types. They will also learn water procurement and filtration, as well as becoming familiar with local plant life that can be beneficial for nutrition or medicine.

Bonus Content: We will discuss survival packs and gear ideas, looking at everyday carry bags and covering minimum survival gear that should always be carried. We will end in self-rescue techniques.

Takeaway: Upon completion students will have the knowledge to provide for your most essential survival needs, think strategically about steps necessary to staying alive and take action to save their lives and those of their party, should they ever become stranded in the wilderness.

dave mead longbows classes

Build a Bamboo Horse Bow and Learn to Use It – Arkansas

Make a high-performance horse bow and arrow with your hands and learn primitive archery all in one day. We have partnered with Dave Mead of  Mead Longbows to provide hand-crafted kits for a unique, primitive bow with impressive quality at an affordable price. Dave Mead will be at this class to help instruct users in building their bow and in using it. Upon completion of our class you will leave with a great shooting bow, handmade arrow and the skills required to use them effectively.

This bow does not disappoint. Stable, accurate and smooth to draw, the horse bow is very compact with no stack, finger pinch, or hand shock. These bows can be made as takedowns for ultra portability or as a sing high-performance unit.

Takeaway: Students will leave with a hand-crafted, great quality horse bow and the knowledge to use it.

Required Equipment: Bow Kit made by Mead Longbows Required (allow 3 weeks prior to class for production) – $159  CLICK HERE TO BUY

Arkansas Survival Instructor

Matt Tate – Lead Survival Instructor NW Arkansas

Matt Tate, Owner of American Survival Co. &  Integrated Survival Systems

Arkansas Survival InstructorFormer Army Combat Engineer, NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Firearms Instructor

You’ve seen Matt compete on Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Build-off, but his love of survival started as young kid growing up in a Cherokee community where the old ways of hunting, fishing and bushcraft of the Native American culture are still cherished.

Today, he owns Integrated Survival Systems and pursues his passion of teaching others life-saving survival techniques. Matt continues to raise the bar, training in wilderness skills both domestically and internationally. He holds a patent for a mission adaptable holster currently used by Tier One operators and has designed a knife with Dozier knives specific to survival training.

His survival experience is matched by his tactical experience; serving as an Army Engineer in Fallujah, Matt encountered heavy combat. He then went on to serve with the Oklahoma Military Dept, Employment Security Commission and the Executive Branch of the US Govt.

Today, Matt uses his wilderness and tactical experience to provide to civilian, military, and organizational training domestically and internationally. He lives in Arkansas, where he runs Integrated Survival Systems.

Train with Matt in NW Arkansas or request a private training at your location.

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