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American Survival Co Reviews

I just had my first class with Matt, and American Survival Co. He and his colleagues treated the class as a collective learning class–where everyone shared ideas and experience. I feel that is the best type of class to have with like-minded individuals. There is a big contrast between reading about survival topics on the internet and getting out to use them. This class is one of those that lets you get out and use your hands to experience the things that you’ve read about. We do not learn skills by just reading about them and I am looking forward to taking more classes to hone more primitive skills that could save my life.

 – Chris Hamner, Arkansas

I spent my birthday with friends attending the Intro to Survival course, and I loved it! We were honored to be led by Joel Graves, whose resume and experience are over-the-top impressive. Today’s class was the tip of the iceberg in terms of developing survival skills, but we left with an enhanced perspective on what it takes to make it, and are motivated to learn more. The takeaways from this kind of course should be required learning!

– Molly Strasser Laster, Florida

My daughter had here first survival class yesterday. The kids talked about the psychology of survival, learned some great knots, how to build tarp shelters and primitive shelters, how to signal for rescue, how to purify water, how to harvest tinder, how start a fire, and how to hunt small game. My daughter loved it and wants to go back again.

Matt allowed me to tag along for the day and I loved it, too We look forward to going back as much as possible.

– Ricky Hannah, Arkansas

I had the great pleasure to take the EDC course from Joel. I felt like I learned more in two days than I have while taking a year of college courses. His skill set is amazing and vast. I came in very fresh, lacking a lot of fundamentals and basics. Joel was patient with me in the process, and was able to figure out how I grasp things, which very few people have the ability to do. It was worth every penny and then some. To get this training from such a seasoned veteran is beyond invaluable. I wish more people would take his courses. It may change your life and the way you see the world. It certainly did for me.
-Payton Haas, Florida

Great wild edible walk today. Fantastic information, very relaxed guides with loads of knowledge. my favorite part was the guide was not pretentious at all and very down to Earth. I look forward to more classes soon.

– Valerie Esparza, Arkansas

This training is truly second to none. Joel Graves’ knowledge is only surpassed by his patience and willingness to share his skills. He teaches with enthusiasm and sincere interest in the success of his students. I personally appreciate that he keeps it simple so one does not get overwhelmed with the innumerable skills it takes to survive.

– Jonathan Rakosfky, Florida

My teenage children and I took monthly classes from Joel for over a year. Joel is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge in survival and bush craft skills. I enjoyed the classes as I felt we were learning many “back to basic” and ‘living off the land’ skills that have been long forgotten. Joel’s skills range from foraging for wild edibles and herbs, to shelter building, fire starting, basket making, trap building, the art of camouflage and many more! – Karen Robinson, Florida
Joel is Universal and unique. He blends his knowledge with a crafty charm to make the coarse enjoyable. He is a wealth of knowledge and very confident in what he knows. I would definitely have him in my EDC kit! – Isaac Garcia, Florida
My son and I attended Joel’s course where we learned how to assemble and shoot a compound bow. Joel’s knowledge and guidance made this is a great experience. His deep understanding of survival skills and his ability to communicate this to us in a hands on way was amazing. It was a great experience for both of us and we look forward to going back for the knife making course! – Ed Crowley, Kentucky
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