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Randy Owen – Jacksonville, FL Associate Instructor

Jacksonville FL Survival InstructorRandy Owen is the Owner of Owen Forge, a blacksmith and bladesmith shop in Callahan, Florida. In 2012, he began practicing blacksmithing and bladesmithing, consuming any and all information he could find on the topic. Randy perfected his craft by reading hundreds of books and articles, watching hundreds of videos, consulting multiple master Smiths from around the world and, most importantly, putting in countless hours of dirt time. His shop, techniques and designs are always being elevated and innovated.  While starting small in a makeshift open air forge, Randy has grown his shop to now having a climate controlled and furnished workshop allowing him to comfortably teach classes and make best-in-class knives.

In addition to making knives, Randy consults with many survival schools and customers on knife designs and materials. He has taught knife making classes since 2016 to students across the U.S.

Randy is also also an avid outdoorsman and has trained with Joel Graves since 2015. His love for primitive skills and outdoor experience began as a child exploring Native American history and skills. He has completed Standard and advanced survival courses from Sigma 3 and practices many primitive skills in his day to day life including primitive hunting and trapping as well as brain tanning those same hides and pelts.

Randy has been a Florida EMT Paramedic since 2013 and has years of experience in emergency medical services. His other accomplishments include being a prior service Marine, ordained minister, short-term missionary to Africa, husband and father of three amazing kids.

Randy offers many different types of classes (see list below). Request a specific class or date today!

More Classes with Randy Owen:

1. Beginner Knife Making 2 Day
a. Shop Tour/Discussion
b. Shape Blank
c. Cut Bevel
d. Heat Treat
e. Handle Prep
f. Fit and Finish
g. Sharpen
2. Intermediate Knife Making 2 Day
a. Shop Tour/Discussion
b. Shape Blank
c. Handle Prep
d. Heat Treat
e. Cut Bevel
f. Fit and Finish
3. Survival Knife Making 1 Day
a. Tour/Discussion
b. Material Selection
c. Work Site Prep
d. Forge Blade
e. Heat Treat
f. Fit and Finish
g. Sharpen
4. Blade Forging 1 Day
a. Shop Tour/Discussion
b. Design
c. Material Selection
d. Shape Blank
e. Set Bevels
f. Refine 
g. Heat Treat
h. Finish 
5. Survival Blacksmithing 1 Day
a. Tour/Discussion
b. Material Selection
c. Work Site Prep
d. Forge Tools/Utensils
6. Beginner Blacksmithing 1 Day
a. Shop Tour/Discussion
b. Material Selection
c. Moving Metal
d. Curls, Hooks, Bends and Twists
i. Curled Shop Hook
ii. S Hook
iii. Blanket Pin
e. Punching
i. Wall Hook
f. Finishing and Coating
7. Intermediate Blacksmithing 1 Day
8. Brain Tanning 1 Day
a. Tour/Discussion
b. Killing and Dressing
c. Fleshing
d. Stretching
e. Dehairing 
f. Braining
g. Breaking
h. Smoking
9. Leather Craft: Pouch Sheath 1 Day
a. Shop Tour/Discussion
b. Drawing a Pattern
c. Cutting Leather
d. Prepare Stitching
e. Prepare Edges
f. Color and Coating
g. Gluing and Stitching
h. Trim and Finish Edges
i. Final Coating
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