1 Day Class – Bamboo Composite Bow Kit


Assemble your own bow with the DIY Horse Bow Kit™ by Mead Longbows, made just for our 1-day bow class. Mead Longbows has taken care of the hard job of tillering the bow.  Take part in the construction of a UNIQUE composite bow and build your own with this kit.  It is very simple yet rewarding.  Assemble it, do some finish sanding/filing on siyahs and customize to your personal taste. 

PLEASE ORDER 3 WEEKS BEFORE CLASS DATE. Email meadlongbows@gmail.com or call 606-423-0063 to inquire about shipping production and shipping prior to ordering if you have any concerns about it arriving in time for one of our classes. 

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Assemble your own bow with the DIY Bamboo Composite Bow Kit™ by Mead Longbows, made just for our 1-day bow class (register for the class here).

No previous bow making experience needed! 

The hard job of tillering the bow is done, and the construction of a UNIQUE composite bow is left up to you with this bow kit. Assemble the bow, do some finish sanding/filing on siyahs and customize to your personal taste.

The Mead Longbows kit offers a frustration free way to enter the world of bow making. There is the opportunity to shape on handle and siyahs if you wish. This will help the bow to reach full potential as a customized tool for yourself. The bow is fully functional, tillered, and can be used as is once assembled if you choose not to do any other shaping.

Kit includes all materials needed to build into a solid shooting bow.

  • Recurve Backyard/Target Model up to 40lbs pull/draw weight
  • Recurve Hunting Model up to 45lbs pull/draw weight
  • Zen Recurve Model up to 30lbs pull/draw weight (perfect for beginner or anyone looking to enjoy primitive archery as a discipline/art form)

The Deflex recurve model is the “Trad Style Cousin” of my “wild” horsebow. This new design resembles a deflex recurve and the ancient Assyrian style composite bow. It’s smooth, stable, quick pointing, and forgiving. Efficient, well balanced, and quick. Stable, yet still compact. This one-of-a-kind, compact powerhouse bow will get the job done. The forward grip provides a great transition for traditional archers/hunters that want to get their hands on a unique, primitive bow. Great for stands, blinds, thick brush, and general archery use. No backing, no laminations – just bamboo and wood! Get that vintage traditional feel with a primitive quietness. Super light in the hand, smooth with no stack finger pinch or handshock. Very powerful with hard hitting speed to take down any game animal in North America. Said by many archers during this past year’s testing, “This new bow is well mannered and easy to shoot consistently. The forward grip and deflexed riser makes for an easy pointing bow.”

Prices are shipped anywhere in the US. Please contact us for international pricing.

Draw length on all bows I make is measured from the back of the bows handle (back being side that faces away from archer) to inside of the nock of the arrow. All bows are around 54 inches when strung.
All bows are made to be shot left or right handed.

Do you know how to find your draw length when using a primitive or traditional bow?
You will find if coming from compound bow it will most likely be much shorter. The most accurate way to figure is to shoot a bow (not a compound bow) with a marked arrow and have either someone watch or video it. The arrow should be marked every inch down to end of shaft. Measurements taken from inside the nock where string would sit. Using a bow near poundage you would like and comfortably try to shoot it a couple dozen times being as accurate and consistent as possible in your form. Not paying attention to the marks on arrow..just shoot the best you can and try to be consistent. Then the video will tell your true draw length. If you do not have a bow then a way to get ballpark figure is arm span method. Stand against wall with arms spread to side have someone measure from middle finger to middle finger tip and divide that by 2.5

Arm span method does not take into account your strength, or shooting style. If you need help with this contact me.

These bows are composite, but also of a unique hybrid design and come with a set of rules that I, the bow maker, have set. There are no specific guidelines or standards out there for my bow other than the ones I have created.

Draw Length

26, 27, 28, 29, 30


Beginner Bow, Backyard/Target Horse Bow, Backyard/Target Recurve, Hunting Recurve

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