Bow Adhesive Wrap™ and QUICK-SLEEVE for making a Take down Bow


Made by renowned bowyer Dave Mead of Mead Longbows, this Bow Adhesive Wrap is great for making a quick take down sleeve. No special tools or additional adhesives required. You can easily conceal under leather, cordage, etc…or apply paint/stain directly to the adhesive. Mead’s bow adhesive is lightweight, form fitting, and water proof.  This sleeve will never need adjustments, it becomes part of the bow. It is not limited to one type of joint or bow style. Options are endless. A double pack at minimum is needed to do the takedown. If making a higher draw weight bow into a takedown 3 is needed.
Did you need our industrial strength hot melt sticks for the project? Choose YES on the bundle deal.

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Double Pack, 5 Pack (Best Deal)