Private Classes & Workshops

American Survival Co. offers customized training, private workshops, corporate team building and retreats, and consulting on survival/security topics.
Prices for private training events can vary based on group size and type of training requested. For standard small group trainings we typically price things out by $250 per day for 1 attendee and $100 per day for every additional attendee. If travel is required, price will include additional travel costs. For large groups and custom events, price is quoted based on group size and resources required.
Active Shooter Workshop - Pastors in Lexington, KY
Active Shooter Workshop - Pastors in Lexington, KY

American Survival Co. offers educational workshops, fun corporate outings, team building, and training opportunities on a variety of topics. Our network of certified instructors has expertise in:

  • Wilderness Survival
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Security Assessment
  • Active Shooter Training
  • International Travel Preparedness
  • SERE (Survival | Evasion | Resistance | Escape)
  • Tactical Combat Training
Youth Survival Training
Safe Harbor Youth Group - Survival Weekend

American Survival Co. loves working with children and students of all ages. We believe self-reliance builds self-confidence and character. The youth who train with us have a blast while learning skills that could be life-saving. We’ve provided custom events for the following:

  • Homeschool co-ops & events
  • Youth groups
  • ROTC
  • Boy scouts & Girl scouts
  • Birthday parties
Private Training in Jacksonville, FL
Private Training in Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville Private Class

Perhaps you would feel more comfortable training one-on-one, or have a specific training request or schedule request…we can definitely set up a program that accomplishes your training goals. We can provide any of our current classes as private training and a variety of other subjects. Popular private training requests include

  • Fishing Techniques
  • Hunting & Trapping Techniques
  • Tactical Survival (Weapons, Hand-to-Hand Combat)
  • Wilderness Navigation
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Friction Fire
  • Water Procurement
  • Cold-Weather Survival

Submit your private training request here:

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We charge per day, so if you are unsure on days and flexible on dates, just give us a budget range here and we'll let you know what we can do.
Any additional information, budget for training you can provide, will help us prepare a quote that fits your needs!
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