Private Classes & Workshops

American Survival Co. offers customized training, private workshops, corporate team building and retreats, and consulting on survival/security topics.
Prices for private training events can vary based on group size and type of training requested. For standard small group trainings we typically price things out by $250 per day for 1 attendee and $100 per day for every additional attendee. Price does not reflect cost of travel.
Popular workshops include:
  • Active shooter training
  • Corporate security assessment
  • Home invasion training
  • Never a victim (women’s self-defense)
  • Natural disaster survival
  • International travel (great for mission trips, non-profits and business owners operating in dangerous countries)
  • SEAR
  • Fishing – water survival
  • Bushcraft – building shelters (learn from Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Build-off Competitors)
  • Bushcraft – fire procurement
  • Bushcraft – trapping, protein procurement & preparation
  • Bushcraft – water procurement
  • Bow & arrow crafting and shooting
  • Classes for children, home school co-ops, and special needs students
  • Corporate team building
  • Special occasions, events and group outings

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