Knots, Knots, Knots – Survival Knots You Need To Know

A lot of people struggle with a standard bowline , but this easy thrown bowline is a simple fixed loop that is easy to untie after its been under load. The Angery American learned this knot in a shipyard, and now you can master the same technique.

The Siberian Hitch knot is used to attach a rope to an object, and allow a quick-release. It is a type of slipped figure-eight noose.The hitch is known for having a tying method suitable even while wearing heavy gloves or mittens in cold climates. As a slipped knot it can be released simply by pulling the working end of the rope.

Store your rope tangle free with this easy, tangle-free rope storage method, that anyone can learn. The speed hank keeps your paracord organized and available for you to quickly deploy in any survival situation.

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