Josh Levart

Josh Levart – Associate Instructor NW Arkansas

Josh Levart - Associate Instructor NW Arkansas

Josh LevartJosh grew up in the Ozark foothills of southeast Missouri in a family with a long tradition of hunting, fishing, and using what they could from nature. He became an avid hunter and fisherman as soon as his Dad began taking him along with him around the age of six. In his early teens, he became interested in wilderness survival and bushcraft. Some of his other favorite activity’s included reading everything he could about survival and learning from elders with extensive knowledge. This lifestyle continued and grew into Josh’s adult life. In 2015, he began training under Matt Tate and Bj Latta as well as teaching for Integrated Survival Systems.

Areas of knowledge include:

  • Primitive and modern fire craft
  • Primitive and modern trapping
  • Modern hunting
  • Primitive and modern fishing
  • Water procurement
  • Primitive and modern shelter building
  • Wilderness camouflage and concealment
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