Simple Survival – FL

Students will know how to utilize every day carry items to secure shelter, water, fire and food.

Simple Survival is about developing survival skills to meet basic needs in an emergency situation with a minimal toolset. Imagine, you get separated from your group and can’t get back to your camp. You have only what you carried on you to survive. There are three basic needs you will need to meet to survive…shelter, water, fire. Without all the tools back at your camp, could you make it? In Simple Survival, you’ll learn to meet these three needs with just three basic tools, a knife, tarp, and pot. While most people carry far more than these items with them when they travel, no amount of gadgets or weaponry will help you if you can’t meet your minimal needs.At American Survival Co. we believe in contingency skill sets, should you become separated from your gear or something critical breaks on you in the field. Having to rely on less gear also makes you more mobile in the field. You will learn the primitive knowledge to meet every basic need in just about any location. Lighten your load and become a confident survivalist after this 2 day, 1 night course.

Takeaways: With only a knife, pot and tarp as their only tools, students will learn how to acquire food, water, shelter and make fire. They will leave being able to survive any terrain with a few simple tools.

Class Length: 2 Days/1 Night — Start at 9 AM, Finish at 5 PM the following day. All of our classes are available for private training and group events.

Recommended Equipment/Materials:

  • Food for meals & snacks
  • Water (there is a well on site, but well water is an acquired taste)
  • Bug spray, sunscreen
  • Fixed blade full tang knife
  • Poncho
  • Steel canteen or water bottle
  • Paracord
  • Waterproof shoes / boots
  • Personal hygiene items and other common travel items

Accommodations: Students are encouraged to stay overnight for full survival experience, but by no means are required to. If traveling from out of town there are many comfortable accommodations nearby. We recommend a hammock with a bug net or tent. On site, we also offer primitive shelters that students can stay in.


Am I responsible for my own food and water? Yes, bring enough food and water for at least one day. At our Florida location you will have access to a primitive outdoor kitchen. There are also restaurants within a 15 minute drive

Will I have cell phone service? Cell phone service is spotty, but you will have access to electricity to charge phones.

What is the bathroom situation? Port-a-potties are available on-site

Is smoking and alcohol allowed? Smoking is allowed, alcohol is prohibited

Should I tip my instructor? Tipping is common in this industry, but please don’t feel pressured to do so. If you feel that your instructor has gone above and beyond to provide you a quality class and you would like to tip them, it will be greatly appreciated.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations may be made in writing to Refunds and credits are provided based on the following:

  • 30+ days 75% of workshop price returned (per person) or 100% in store credit (valid for 60 days)
  • 29 to 15 days 50% of workshop price returned (per person) or 100% in store credit (valid for 60 days)
  • 14-5 days 25% of workshop price returned (per person) or 75% in store credit (valid for 60 days)
  • 5 days or less 0% of workshop price returned (per person) or 50% in store credit (valid for 60 days)

If you do not cancel (we receive no written notification) and you do not show up there is no refund or store credit available. You must call ahead to cancel.