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Arkansas Basecamp – Rockford Grange at Bear Hollow Ranch
Country Rd SE9062
Powell, MO 65730

Florida Basecamp – Eat Your Yard Jax
8220 Moncrief Rd West
Jacksonville, FL 32219


What time do classes typically run?
Classes typically start around 9 AM and end around 5 PM, but we don’t leave until we’ve answered all your questions and you feel comfortable with your training. Times may vary due to weather or special requests. Your instructor will be in contact with you prior to training to confirm all course times.
Am I responsible for water and food?
Students should bring their own supplies or be prepared to run into town to eat after class. Well water (an acquired taste) and a full kitchen are available at the Florida location. A suggested supply list will be sent prior to your course.
Will I have cell phone service?
Cell phone service can be spotty at times, but you will have access to electricity and the ability to charge your phone.
Where do we sleep?
Students sleep in tents at established camp sites, in our primitive shelters, in their vehicle or they can snag a hotel in town if they prefer comfort of a bed and hot showers (no judgment here).
What should I bring
The most important things to bring are a good attitude, a solid bushcraft knife and a saw (one of the best budget friendly options is the Corona saw available at Lowes.). Food and water for at least one day is definitely a good idea. Muck boots allow us to travel the swamps and explore a lot more in comfort. If you are on a budget, call or email ahead, we have loaner equipment.
What's the bathroom situation?
Florida offers port-a-potties (full bathrooms being built), while Arkansas has full bathrooms and showers.
Are there age restrictions to participate?
If you are under 18, you need a legal guardian to attend. We have parents attend with children as young as 10, but we rely on the parent’s judgment to determine if their child is mature enough to handle sharp-edge tools.
Can I attend if I am pregnant or have a disability?
Absolutely. Anyone can attend our classes, but based on your situation you may find it more beneficial to attend a private training that can be tailored to accommodate you. Our Florida school does a lot of work with special needs children and the facility is very handicap accessible.
Is alcohol and smoking allowed?
Alcohol is prohibited, smoking is allowed.