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Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk (with optional Fire Class) – FL

July 13 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Plant walk florida and Arkansas


Take a walk on the weedy and the wild side with American Survival Co. Trek through the woods and around our Jacksonville, FL base camp with our expert survival instructor, identifying edible and medicinal plants that are readily available in your area. Learn the benefits and modern uses for these plants, as well as how indigenous cultures used every day weeds as essential medicine and cooking ingredients. You will leave with a valuable knowledge of every day weeds that can be brought into your kitchens and medicine cabinets.

FIRE STARTERS (12 – 6:30)

In this one-day class, you will be learn several survival fire methods that will enable you to create fire from natural materials using bow drill and Ferro Rod techniques. You will also learn  various types of fire setups.

Fire is a critical component of survival, and can mean the difference between life and death. It’s essential that you are able to make a fire quickly in any weather condition using tools or natural resources from your surroundings. Besides the benefits of warmth and light, fire also assists in water purification, signaling, warding off predators, cooking, and wound disinfection.


All of our classes are available for private training and group events. Visit our private training page here or americansurvivalschool@gmail.com for more information. Class terms and conditions here. All attendees must sign waiver and release of liability here.


Days Prior to Class/Workshop Commencement Date Fee Amount

30+ days 75% of workshop price returned (per person) or 100% in store credit (valid for 60 days)

29 to 15 days 50% of workshop price returned (per person) or 100% in store credit (valid for 60 days)

14-5 days 25% of workshop price returned (per person) or 75% in store credit (valid for 60 days)

5 days or less 0% of workshop price returned (per person) or 50% in store credit (valid for 60 days)

If you do not cancel (we receive no written notification) and you do not show up there is no refund or store credit available. You must cancel in advance of your workshop to be eligible for any type of refund or credit.

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