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Northwest Arkansas Survival Training

NW Arkansas
Wilderness Survival School

War Eagle Base Camp

American Survival Co. - NW Arkansas Adventures, Classes & Training

American Survival Co. offers wide range of training opportunities and activities ranging from wilderness survivalteam building & private events, wilderness adventures, kayaking, fishing, archery training and much more! Join a group workshop or adventure – or – contact us to schedule your own private event.

Arkansas Lead Instructor: Matt Tate

Owner and Lead Survival Instructor of American Survival Co.  as well as Owner of Integrated Survival Systems, Former Army Combat Engineer, NRA-Certified Instructor.

Matt’s love of survival started as young kid growing up in a Cherokee community where the old ways of hunting, fishing and bushcraft of the Native American culture are still cherished.

As a combat veteran and certified survival instructor, Matt is passionate about teaching others life-saving skills to survive emergency situations and thrive in the wilderness. Matt has trained in diverse environments from the Ozarks, to swamps, jungles, mountains and the desert. Drawing on his own experiences surviving in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments, Matt is passionate about sharing the skills and lessons he has learned.

Matt served as a Combat Engineer in Fallujah, Iraq and then went on to serve with the Oklahoma Military Dept, Employment Security Commission and the Executive Branch of the US Govt.

Today, Matt uses his wilderness and tactical experience to provide civilian, military, and organizational training domestically and internationally. He appeared in season one of Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Build-off, designed multiple blades with world famous Dozier knives specific to survival training, and contributes to publications like Backpacker Magazine.

Matt uses his wilderness and tactical experience to provide to civilian, military, and organizational training domestically and internationally.

Location: War Eagle Base Camp - NW Arkansas

19436 Crossman Place Rd, Hindsville, AR 72738 – GOOGLE MAP

Our War Eagle base camp is located on private land, just minutes away from the historical War Eagle Mill in Rogers, Arkansas.

At our base camp you will find great diversity in plant life, hard woods, soft woods, elevation changes and War Eagle creek runs along the property. It is teaming with wildlife and has amazing views of the bluff line and creek from our primitive camping site.


  • Immerse yourself in the primitive environment by staying in one of our primitive shelters, camping in a tent or setting up a hammock camp.
  • Stay in our bunk house – offers 12 bunks, full kitchen, full bathroom, and heating and air conditioning. $30 per person per night – submit bunk house request here.
  • Stay at our fully furnished, log cabin that sleeps 8. Submit request here 3 days prior to class.


Yes, we have bathrooms available for student use. At larger events, we will ensure port-a-potties are made available to support larger crowds.

Yes. Students will not have access to a kitchen unless they are renting one of our facilities. Please bring plenty of water and food for your time with us. We will offer a campfire to cook over.

The closes gas stationg is 20 miles away, as are most restaurants, and other lodging options. Plan accordingly. War Eagle Mill is located less than 2 miles down the road and offers lunch every day with breakfast on the weekends. See menu and view hours here.

Verizon and AT&T tend to work very well at our camp. Users with T-Mobile and some smaller providers have found cell service to be a challenge.

Tipping is common in this industry, but please don’t feel pressured to do so. If you feel that your instructor has gone above and beyond to provide you a quality class and you would like to tip them, it will be greatly appreciated.

Cancellations may be made in writing to americansurvivalschool@gmail.com. Refunds and credits are provided based on the following:

  • 30+ days 75% of workshop price returned (per person) or 100% in store credit (valid for 60 days)
  • 29 to 15 days 50% of workshop price returned (per person) or 100% in store credit (valid for 60 days)
  • 14-5 days 25% of workshop price returned (per person) or 75% in store credit (valid for 60 days)
  • 5 days or less 0% of workshop price returned (per person) or 50% in store credit (valid for 60 days)

If you do not cancel (we receive no written notification) and you do not show up there is no refund or store credit available. You must call ahead to cancel.

Yes! We love to serve families and large groups. We offer private event training which starts at $250/day for person 1 and $100/day for each additional person. We can negotiate more extensive discounts for groups of 6 or more.

If you have a group that would like to take a prescheduled class we offer discounts starting at $20/person and can increase based on group size. Please contact americansurvivalschool@gmail.com to inquire about any group discounts.

We believe the majority of our events are suitable for kids 12 & older, but there are others that younger children will enjoy. We also offer child discounts for events – so please contact us if you are bringing a child under 12 – americansurvivalschool@gmail.com. Because our classes will be tailored to the experience and skill level of our group, we make accommodations for families and small children – teaching them skills on their level. We encourage you to get your kids outdoors and confident exploring nature and would love to help you do that.

Yes! We love working with kids. Whether it’s a field trip for a 5th grade class who has just finished reading Hatchet, first graders on a nature walk, or a group of ROTC students who are looking to increase their wilderness skills we can tailor field trips to your goals and time frame. We also can provide a great venue for birthday parties, youth group events, scouts and clubs, and more! Contact us at americansurvivalschool@gmail.com.

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